Highlight Media: Our Production Services


Production services in Abu Dhabi: we have extensive experience in providing production services for international productions throughout the Middle East. Our clients include American, Canadian, European, and Asian production houses, corporations and organizations. We offer a wide range of services and facilities for various audio-visual formats. Our services include news, TV programs, documentaries, corporate videos and commercial productions. Our services include research, location clearance, filming, editing, and uplink / streaming services. We cater to the needs of productions of all sizes, from quick one-day jobs to weeks-long pre-production and filming. To sum it up, our most important task is to take care all professional aspects of the production, including visiting talents and producers.


Highlight Media is a professional camera crew and production services provider in Abu Dhabi. We work with the best cameramen and videographers in the region, individually specializing in film, documentary, sports, news, corporate, or commercial productions. Our film crews are experienced with international productions and can handle a wide range of camera formats: 8K Red Helium, 4K/HD RED Epic, Red Dragon, Sony FX9, Sony FS7m2, Sony Alpha A7Sii, A7Riv, Canon C-300MII, Amira, Mini-Alexa.

Most of our cameramen can work as one-man bands, recording sound in addition to filming. In documentary productions, we have professional soundmen on the set of a production shoot.

In addition to camera crews, we also provide grip equipment, additional lights, and camera accessories. We always have crews on standby, and can rush equipment to the camera crew on location within 1-2 hours to most areas. Each camera crew receives: a standard set of equipment and accessories, including a monitor, BNC and XLR cables and connectors; 50 ft. XLR cable for remote sound source, batteries and charger; basic light kit, light stands, radio mics, spare light bulbs, gaffer tape, clips, and connectors. Additional LED sets, Kino (2/4 banks), and other lighting equipment are available for rental. We also have compact and easily operated grip kits for corporate and other productions. For example, we have dolly + track, doorway dolly, camera slider, and portable green screen sets for on-location use.



A proper film permits for video or photo shoots is a must. We will contact the authorities and get all film permits in advance, sometimes before we embark on the location scout (recce).
Getting film permits for film and video productions may be more complicated if filming includes interruption to traffic. Our fixers and location managers will always know in advance what are the requirements and specifications of the required film permit. We prefer to begin the process as early as possible. if possible, to have all locations permitted and cleared at least one week before the planned shoot.


Each and every aerial foot requires pre-approved flight and film permit.
We will advise you about best ways to film at your desired locations. For that, we will let you know which locations may be restricted or allow for limited access for aerial filming.