About Highlight Media Abu Dhabi

Highlight Media Abu Dhabi is a sister company to Highlight Films Israel. We opened our Abu Dhabi production company after 25 years of producing numerous international TV, film and video productions. Since 1998, we worke in Israel and throughout the Middle East, including in Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia and Yemen. Our focus is on being the best B2B business in our area of expertise.

Highlight Media Abu Dhabi: Our customers

Who are our customers? Well, they are all international companies looking to produce film, TV and video content in Abu Dhabi and throughout the UAE. Among them, some of our customers are TV Broadcasters and streamers, such as Netflix, Amazon and Apple. In addition, we work with International TV networks: National Geographic, Discovery, History, BBC. And national TV broadcasters: Arte, NHK, TBS, CCTV, ZDF, ARD, PBS, C4 UK and many others.

Our Services

We have provided camera crews and production services for hundreds of international productions, in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and elsewhere in the Middle East. We have partnered with American, Canadian, European and Asian productions arriving to Israel and Palestine. Highlight offers a wide rang of production services and facilities for a variety of audio-visual formats: News, documentary films, corporate videos and TV productions. From research and ideas to clearing locations, filming, editing and up-link services. Some of our customers ask for a quick job, like hiring a camera crew for one day. Yet other productions – TV, film, commercial or corporate – may take weeks of pre-production and filming. Our experienced fixers manage the projects throughout Israel, the Palestine and other locations in the Middle East. So, Highlight is a one stop production house: we specialize in catering for the needs of customers from all over the world, visiting talents and producers.

Our Future

In summary, we hope to establish Highlight Media as a leading production services provider in Abu Dhabi in 2023. Obviously, with several promising projects already in advances stages of preparation, we plan on getting very busy really soon…