In 2022 we established Highlight Media in Abu Dhabi, a sister company to Highlight Films Israel. Providing production services has been our business for the last 25 years. After hundreds of international TV, film and video productions in Israel and throughout the Middle East, we have decided that Abu Dhabi is the right place to go. So, as of the end of 2022, we began providing production services in Abu Dhabi.

Who Are We?

We are a team of filmmakers and we specialize in facilitating international productions in the Middle East and GCC. We are working with the leading streamers such as Netflix, Amazon and Apple; TV networks such as BBC, National Geographic and Discovery; as well as international corporations, such as Intel, Twitter, Microsoft etc.

What Are We Working on?

Highlight Media is now focused on several documentary productions taking place in and around the UAE. Moreover, in the next weeks we will begin corporate video productions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We hope to begin providing our customers with production services in Abu Dhabi as early as Q1, 2023.

Contact us for production services in Abu Dhabi

We are based in the Abu Dhabi TwoFour54 business center:
Highlight Media FZ Abu Dhabi
PO Box 77765 Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel. +97158-5224247

Please feel free to contact us by email: info@highlight-media.ae